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Certified Payroll Reports

Quantum Project Manager’s Certified Payroll Reports program was designed to collect weekly hourly time card information and print the certified payroll reports. The program will print a certified payroll report on plain paper on your printer, or you can create PDF or RTF files that can be easily emailed. It prints the U.S. Department of Labor WH-347 certified payroll report and the WH-348 certification page or statement of compliance. In addition, the program includes (at no additional cost) a number of other state specific or city versions of the certified payroll report form including CA, CO, CT, DE, KY, IA, IL, MA, MI, MN, MO, NM, NY, NJ, OH, OR, PA, NV, RI, WI and WA. You can create “no work performed” reports and even include cover letters and attachments with your compliance reports. There are a number of other project labor, fringe benefit, employment utilization, and payroll analysis reports provided as well. Click here for a complete list of the certified payroll reports provided. All data and reports are saved by project and can be easily edited and reprinted. Using this program will save you lots of time and will create the certified payroll reports in the format required so that you get paid on time!

With our new Version 23, Quantum Project Manager has even more contractor-friendly features! Click here to see what's new!

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Features and Benefits

  • Weekly Certified Payroll Reports (click here for samples)

  • Project Labor Cost Tracking Reports

  • Employment Utilization Reports

  • Print plain paper forms or email files

  • Complete tax table for all 50 states

  • Easy Timecard entry screen

  • Reprint prior Certified Payroll Reports

  • QuickBooks™ Desktop Integration (see update below)

  • Convenient reminder system and To Do List.

  • User-defined customizable documents.

Quantum Software Solutions, Inc. is a member of the Intuit Developer Network*.

The Quantum Project Manager now integrates with 
™ Desktop including 2024!
This includes QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier,
 Premier Contractor, Premier Accountant, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions,
and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Contractor Edition.

The Quantum Project Manager now has the ability to import employees, time cards*, and other related payroll information from Quickbooks™ Desktop. You can also import companies from your Quickbooks™ Desktop customers and vendors, eliminating the need for tedious double entry.

For an overview of the QuickBooks Desktop integration requirements and process, click here.

Note: The Quantum Project Manager does not integrate with QuickBooks Online.

* Certain QuickBooks requirements and considerations apply. To import time cards, you must use QuickBooks Desktop to do your payroll (weekly payroll period only). If you enter weekly timesheets, you must use separate payroll items or service items to identify the prevailing wage work classifications. Please contact us for more information or click here.
QuickBooks Logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Intuit Inc., displayed with permission.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING federal WH-347 certified payroll report

The expiration date has changed.
Click Here for More Information

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING THE IL DOL Certified Transcript of Payroll File Upload Requirement

The Quantum Project Manager can now create a file to upload to the IL DOL Certified Transcript of Payroll website portal that became mandatory on Sept 1, 2020.
Click Here for More Information


Click Here for More Information

LCPtracker and LCPcertified file upload feature also now available!
Click Here for More Information

Or call 1-800-894-1278 for more information.

Create and print the certified payroll report with ease!
(this is the federal WH-347, there are many other state, city, and agency formats)
(click the image for a full screen PDF version)

Certified payroll report WH-347

Also print the certification page
(click the image for a full screen PDF version)

Certified payroll certification page WH-348


Click here for sample reports!

Click here to view an interactive demo!

Current Quantum Project Manager Version 22 customers click here!

Current Quantum Project Manager Version 21 customers click here!

Current Quantum Project Manager Version 20 customers click here!

Current Quantum Project Manager Version 19 customers click here!

Current Quantum Project Manager Version 18 customers click here!

Using this program will automate the completion of these forms for you. You simply enter the time cards and print the reports. In addition, the program will help you calculate the taxes and other payroll deductions. It also helps in making sure you are complying with the wage decision for each project and that you are paying the required prevailing wage rates. All this will result in saving countless hours of manual calculations and reporting. 


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Click here to read the case study done on IM Brewer & Associates, Inc. Read how the Quantum Project Manager helped their bottom line!


Gail Davis of DAVIS CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISES, INC. in Safety Harbor, Florida, recently wrote a letter to the President of Quantum Software Solutions in regards to one of our support team members:

" I would like to inform you that I just had a truly remarkable experience with Dave today.
He was so knowledgeable about your program. He helped me to set up "Certified Payroll" and link it to my QuickBooks.
This is something that I dreaded doing and was sure it would be difficult.
I was amazed at how quickly he set it all up. I have no doubt that it will provide me with everything I could ever need in the future.
And although he made me feel confident that I can do it on my own next time-- I actually hope that I need more help so I can communicate with him again.

Having someone as efficient and pleasant as Dave on your team is a huge asset to the Quantum program.

I am so appreciative that I have continued to be a user of this product and that Cindy assured me that this "Certified Payroll" program would be useful.

Thanks again for the amazing Support. "


I recently purchased your certified payroll and contractor billing programs and can not tell you what a boon they will be to me! What used to take hours and hours is now a 60 minute job and that includes printing off the certified payroll reports!

You are making it fun to be an owner again!

I want you to know if you wish to put me on your list of satisfied contractor referrals please feel free to do so.

Arthur A. Gould 
Gould Fire Protection, Inc. 
Findlay, Ohio


Worth every penny spent! What used to take all day now takes a few minutes! I now spend my day making money, not filling out paperwork.

The support is great, they always call right back, and the answers are easy to understand! My only regret is that I didn't know about this company and this program 15 years ago. I can't express how much time and money this product and service saves me!

Amy Marhaba 
Martec Construction 
Granada Hills, California


I am very happy with the Quantum Project Manager program.  I am just sorry I didn't get it sooner.

Daisy Kappen
Secretary-Treasurer, DC Acoustics Inc.


I am very pleased with the Contractor Billing and Certified Payroll programs. It makes my job much easier.

Technical support is always helpful. My problems are always solved. No holding on the telephone and I always talk to a person, not a machine.

Carla Cobb
Jimmy Dunn Excavating Co.
Sissonville, WV


We've been using the program for over 6 years now and I find it easy to use.  I mainly use the Certified Payroll Tracking, Contractor Billing and Contract Documents. Tech support has always been awesome.  Every time I've called they were very friendly and helpful.  My calls are always returned promptly if no one is available when I first call.

TurnKey Construction


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Last modified:  07/03/24