Construction software at an affordable price.
Free technical support included!
Quality construction software to
help you save time and money.

Construction Software at an affordable price. Free support included!

Construction Software at an affordable price!
Free technical support included!

Quantum Project Manager Version 17!

All new version with great new features!

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Construction Software
by Quantum Software Solutions, Inc.

  Quantum Project Manager
(Construction Software programs for Contractor Billing,
Certified Payroll, Communications, Estimating, and Contracts)

Let us help you save time and money. 
Spend your time doing "what it is you do".

The Quantum Project Manager construction software program was created to manage and track all of your project needs with ease. It can produce estimates for a project, complete contract documents, generate progress payment applications, print certified payroll reports and track all of your communications along the way. You can purchase one or more programs as needed.

Now the program got even better with version 17! We added the features you asked for. More communications documents and logs. Create PDF and RTF files from any document or report for saving or emailing. MS Word integration with customizable Word templates in the communications program. Password signon security to limit access by module. New billing program options for unit pricing and accounts receivable and greatly improved change order handling. And much more!

We offer fantastic savings when you purchase multiple programs!

This program will allow you to create estimates for your projects in a variety of ways, quickly and easily.  It was developed with the flexibility to allow someone to create a simple estimate with basic information or a more detailed estimate based on more complex calculations.

Contractor Billing 
Do your billings quickly and easily, no more typing or manual calculations. Complete the application for payment, continuation page, schedule of values, remaining balance worksheet, and other project reports and forms.  Print to our plain paper formats or to pre-printed forms. Handles all retainage calculations, even options for sales tax, unit pricing, and tracking accounts receivable.

Certified Payroll
This program will collect weekly hourly time card information, do all your taxes and deductions automatically and then print the certified payroll reports. It can generate the U.S. Department of Labor WH-347 and WH-348 forms as well as NY, PA, CT, OH, MA, NJ, CA, DE, OR, and KY state forms. 

This program will allow you to enter basic company contact information and track project communications. There are numerous document and log types for you to use. They are RFIs, Notices, Transmittals, Submittal Log, Letters, Insurance and Insurance Notices, Punch Lists, Telephone Log, Correspondence Sent Log, and Correspondence Received Log. Print the documents on plain paper or to your letterhead right on your printer. Also create PDF or RTF files from any document or report and email the file attachments with a click of the mouse. Or you can create MS Word documents using customizable word templates (MS Word required).

Contract Documents
This program is designed to store information necessary to complete your contract forms. These documents will only print on pre-printed forms. Contact us for more information.

Other Key Benefits and Capabilities

- Easy point & click operation
Saves time and improves accuracy
- All calculations done automatically
- No more hassles filling out forms manually
- Create PDF or RTF files from any report and email the files
- Password signon security to limit access by module
- Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10, Windows Server
- Network ready
- 60 Day
Money Back Guarantee
- One year of free
Technical Support included

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