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Certified Payroll Tax Table Updates

2024 Tax Table Update Now Available
Do not install this update until all time cards are entered for 2023!
The current tax table available for download is version 2024-04-11 (as of 04/11/2024).
The Certified Payroll Reports module uses a tax table to accurately calculate the federal, state, local and other taxes when you enter your time cards. The tax table changes from time to time to stay current with the changes in the tax code. If you have the Quantum Project Manager with the Certified Payroll Reports module and you have an active support subscription (one year included in your last purchase), you can logon to this area of our site to checkout and download the latest changes to the tax tables.

To stay informed of tax table changes, if you are not already on our email distribution list, email us at with your company name and email address and we will notify when there are changes made to the tax tables. You will not be notified unless we have your valid email address on file! If you need to update your subscription or if you have any other problems or questions, you can contact us at 610-373-4835 or email us at .

Tax Table Site Login

Enter your information below then click the login button.
You can get the serial/reg numbers from the preferences/registration screen in the program.
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