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Estimating Reports and Proposals

The Estimating program allows you to print reports that are a basic summary to reports that give you every line item in detail. You can group the totals on these reports at several different levels. You can also create your own customized heading with your own images like a logo by using our Rich Text Editor. Reports and Proposals that can be generated from the Estimating program can be found below.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view and print these files. Click here for a free download of the reader.  Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Estimating Reports:

Cost Summary Reports:

Totals by Category
Totals by Division
Totals by Major Section
Totals by Minor Section


Cost Detail Reports:

Details by Category
Details by Division
Details by Major Section
Details by Minor Section
Material and Labor Details by Minor Section
Unit Price Detail Reports:
Unit Prices by Division
Unit Prices by Major Section
Unit Prices by Minor Section

Other Reports:
Item List with Labor Hours

Materials Listing
Item Detail Reports:

Labor Items
Materials Items
Equipment Items
Subcontract Items
Other Items


Proposal Options:

Lump Sum Amount
Totals By Category
Totals By Division
Totals By Division (Total Cost Only)
Totals by Major Section
Totals by Major Sect. (Tot Cost Only)
Totals by Minor Section
Totals by Minor Sect. (Tot Cost Only)
Details by Category
Details by Cat. (Mat Qty & Tot Cost)
Item List with Costs

Item List with only Total Cost

Item List with Cost, Qty and Units

Other Reports

Sample Reports Available with All Modules 






Last modified:  02/01/21