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Quantum Project Manager Certified Payroll Reports            
California DIR eCPR XML File Upload Feature                   

Use the Quantum Project Manager program now to make it easier to comply with the certified payroll reporting requirements and to upload an XML file to the eCPR website. You can also print the completed A-1-131 form or create and email a PDF file.

While you can logon to the CA DIR eCPR website and enter the information manually, this is a time consuming task. It does not save most of the information from week to week and does very little to automatically calculate anything for you. The Quantum Project Manager now supports creating a file that can be uploaded to the California Department of Industrial Relations eCPR website. You do not have to manually enter all the weekly certified payroll information into the eCPR website. Just create the XML file from the Quantum Project Manager, then logon to the eCPR website and select the option to upload the file. No more double entry! There are validation checks that occur after the upload and you can review/edit what was uploaded before you submit it. You can make corrections on the website or return to the Quantum Project Manager to make any corrections and re-generate the XML file.

There is some additional information that is required for the XML file upload. We have created a new report type called “CA Dept. of Ind. Relations (eCPR XML file to upload)”. Just select that report type on the Quantum Project Manager project screen. There is an additional button that appears called “CA-DIR eCPR Other Info”. Click this button to enter a few additional fields. Complete instructions are provided on this screen on how to ensure the XML file is complete and accurate and will pass the validation checks that occur during the upload to the CA DIR eCPR website. To create the XML file, you use the “Certified Payroll Compliance Reports” screen just like you would to print a paper form. Instructions for creating the file and a link to the website to upload the file are provided.

Let the Quantum Project Manager handle all the work for you. Enter your projects, employees, work classifications and wage rates once. Enter time cards each week and let the Quantum Project Manager calculate the taxes and deductions for you. If you use QuickBooks to do your payroll, you can import the weekly timesheet and paycheck information from QuickBooks into the Quantum Project Manager and create time cards. Then create the XML file and upload it to the CA DIR eCPR website.

Click Here for detailed instructions on using the CA DIR eCPR XML file upload feature.

For more information call 1-800-894-1278, visit www.quantumss.com, or email info@quantumss.com.

Last modified:  01/04/22