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Contractor Billing

Manage your progress billing payment applications quickly and easily with Quantum Project Manager’s Contractor Billing program. No more key stroking and math errors from manual calculations. With Quantum Project Manager, you’ll save countless hours now spent filling out forms, doing manual calculations and tracking charges and changes. And that translates into lower costs and more time to grow and profitably build your business.

The Contractor Billing program handles all retainage calculations and has options for sales tax, stored materials, unit pricing, and tracking accounts receivable. It's easy to complete the application for payment, continuation page, schedule of values, change orders, remaining balance worksheet, list of subcontractors, schedules, Gantt charts, task lists and other project reports and forms. You can print to plain paper formats or to pre-printed AIA* documents. You can customize the text on the plain paper payment application and include cover letters or an invoice and attachments. You can even create and customize four different types of waiver and release documents that can be conditional or unconditional and based on a progress or final payment. You can create PDF or RTF files from any report, and you can email your payment applications with a few clicks of the mouse. There are also several other AIA* documents supported by the Contractor Billing program. You can also post invoices to QuickBooks™ Pro or higher (versions 2007 through 2018) and import companies from QuickBooks™ customer/vendor lists. For an overview of the QuickBooks integration requirements and process, click here.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily create AIA* style Payment Applications, Schedule of Values, and Change Orders

  • No more typing, manual calculations, or cumbersome spreadsheets

  • Pre-Payment, Sales Tax, Accounts Receivable, Unit Pricing, and various Retainage options

  • Customizable Warranty Document

  • Customizable Waiver and Release documents (4 different types)

  • Print your schedule of values as a Gantt Chart schedule or a task list with percent complete from your billing

  • Post invoices to QuickBooks™ Pro or higher (versions 2007 through 2018) and import companies from QuickBooks™ customer and vendor lists

  • Create PDF or RTF files from any report to easily save or email

  • Convenient reminder system and To Do List.

  • User-defined customizable documents.

  • Print plain paper formats of payment application, change order, billing worksheet, and many other reports

  • Print to the following original AIA* Contract Documents: G701, G701/CMa, G702, G702/CMa, G703, G704, G706, G706A, G707, G707A, G732, G805, A305
    Note: For additional AIA* Contract Documents, click here for more information on the Contract Documents program that complements and integrates with the Contractor Billing program.

Note: The Quantum Project Manager Contractor Billing program has some plain paper billing documents that may meet your billing needs. The Contractor Billing program also prints information onto pre-printed original AIA* Contract Documents, which users must purchase from an authorized AIA* document distributor. This program does not generate any original AIA* Contract Documents.

*AIA is a registered Trademark of the American Institute of Architects

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